The 1st ONLINE International Competition of Classical Music




- Piano

- String instruments

- Folk instruments

-Wind instruments

- Academic Vocal

- Ensembles and Orchestras (Piano ensembles, Chamber ensemble, vocal ensembles, quartets)

- Art of accompaniment

- Student-Teacher

Age Categories:

Group I - from 5 to 10 years old.  

Group II - from 11 to 13 years old.

Group III - from 14 to 16 years old.

Group IV- from 17 to 20 years old.

Group V - from 21 to 26 years old.

Group VI - 27 and older.

Each application, regardless of category, requires a recorded video audition program of no less than 10 minutes and no more than 40 minutes in length. The program must consist of 2 works.  Each of a different style and genre. The video should be made within the year of 2020.

The video must not be edited by a sound engineer. The performer’s face and hands must be clearly visible throughout.  The video must be made entirely without turning off or pausing the camera.  The recording must uses the natural acoustics of the hall, class or any other room where the recording is made.  The program should be sent as a clickable link to YouTube, Vimeo, or some other internet accessible site.

Application Fee:
$50 per soloist
$35 per applicant - Ensembles, choirs, orchestras up to 15 people.
$25 per applicant-Ensembles,choirs, orchestras up to 60 people.
All fees are non-refundable.

The Winners receive:

First Degree Winner Diploma -$300 money certificate
Second Degree Winner Diploma -$250 money certificate
Third Degree Winner Diploma — $200 money certificate
   Money certificates cannot be exchanged for cash and are only accepted as payment for Carnegie Hall Application fee.
For entry to the "Global Artists Debut Concert" at Carnegie Hall on JUNE 08, 2021:
Special Winner prize - GRAND PRIX.  Grand Prix holder exempt from Carnegie Hall Application fee.